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Public-Private Partnerships Development Program in Ukraine (P3DP)

Image of bridge construction in Kyiv, Ukraine - an investment in infrastructure.


P3DP Resources:

Public-Private Partnerships Development Program in Ukraine (P3DP) is designed to promote the use of public-private partnerships (PPPs) to expand public infrastructure and improve public services for the citizens of Ukraine. Successful PPPs can directly benefit communities as well as individuals and support greater confidence in government’s ability to deliver needed services to its citizenry. PPPs offer new hopes to Ukrainians for a more modern infrastructure and efficient public institutions. The project emphasizes building institutional capacities and structuring relationships in order to advance public and private sector interests in the delivery of needed services. Led by FHI 360 with implementing partner WDI, the project builds on existing practices in developing PPPs to reveal new opportunities and develop new partnerships that can deliver improved public services and infrastructure that add real economic value for communities.

P3DP, which launched in October 2010, has four primary components:

  1. legal and institutional reforms for effective PPPs in Ukraine;
  2. establishing a PPP Unit within the Government of Ukraine to facilitate effective partnerships and serve as an “honest broker” in structuring these relationships;
  3. communicating to the citizenry about PPP principles and benefits as well as undertake capacity building of key institutions and other stakeholders; and
  4. creating and launching a range of PPPs that are in line with established protocols.

Project-supported PPPs are designed and selected to create jobs, improve infrastructure, and introduce greater transparency in procurement to target sectors.

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