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Increasing the effectiveness of international development to more aggressively tackle issues such as economic growth, climate change, and health challenges us to consider new ways to organize, network, and leverage our knowledge. Knowledge management approaches such as communities of practice, collaborative tools, talent locators, and online knowledge repositories have flourished over the last decade, with marked expansion over the last five years.

While many believe that more knowledge-driven programmatic approaches are inherently better, most organizations lack the evidence to clearly and compellingly demonstrate the impact of their KM investments. The KM Impact Challenge was designed to initiate a dialogue and process of shared learning. It has served as a springboard to increased peer-networking and collaborative action. The initial set of activities included an online call to practitioners around the world for short case stories to share their experiences, successes, and challenges in assessing their KM activities. The case stories were put through a transparent peer review process and top case story authors and other KM practitioners participated in an unConference in Washington, DC in May 2011. The KM Impact Challenge team is working on the publication of the case stories for distribution to a wider audience as well as setting the stage for the next steps of the initiative, so stay tuned. The case story synthesis report and the unConference proceedings can be accessed on the post-conference materials page.

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Stacey Young of USAID reflects on the complexity of measuring the impact of Knowledge Management activities and discusses some of the lessons learned from the KM Impact Challenge.

Stacey Young, USAID


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Louise Clark of the KM Impact Challenge team shares some reflections on the key themes and discussions that took place during the meeting

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Grantmakers for Effective Organizations is co-sponsoring a conference that many KM Impact Challenge members may find relevant.  This year the focus is on evaluation and learning.  You can link to the event web page and event blog here:

The following is an excerpt from their web site:

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Chris Addison and Luz Marina Alvare offered participants in the KM Impact Challenge unConference an indepth look at how IFPRI is collecting and analyzing qualitative and quantitaive data in terms of web traffic and social media engagement.